The Palladian House

The Palladian House School is not just a school but a new hallmark of innovation in education. The Palladian House is an ICSE affiliated residential school. Children from many cities across the country are living and studying here. This school, which is from Nursery to 12th standard, believes in innovation. With the all-time education system, there is a lot of focus on skill development. The most important thing is that along with the students, the teachers teaching from different states across the country and the director's family all live together in the same campus. Here, special attention is paid to strengthening the foundation of the children. Today the students of this place are hoisting their laurels all over the country, this is the proud outcome of continuous efforts put up on students. Moral values and discipline inculcated in the students has created a self-confidence in them which helps in their lives ahead. Innovation is done here in every sector to make studies interesting and fun rather than being burdensome.

Our Mission

The goal of The Palladian House is to provide world-class education in small towns. By accepting this mission, we have made it easy for the best educators across the country to be available on campus to facilitate students. Our mission is not only to protect students from the negative aspects of metropolitan life but also to make them competent in both modern education and character development.

Our Vision

In the modern era, while knowledge of science and technology is crucial, its misuse in urban society has led to harmful consequences. Therefore, the vision of The Palladian House is clear that we need to provide students with extensive knowledge of modern and future technologies, while also protecting them from the misuse of technology. Similarly, it is essential for students to have knowledge of the modern societal structure, but it is also imperative to ensure their safety from moral decay and addictions. Our vision is very clear on these two points, and our mission is to continue with strength and perseverance towards a long-term vision.