News Bulletin

At The Palladian House, we believe that innovation is key to developing well-rounded and informed individuals. That's why we encourage our students to explore different avenues of learning, including creating their own news bulletins. Our students take on every aspect of producing the bulletin, from script writing to voiceovers, graphics, editing and news anchoring. This 10-minute bulletin, which is created in the last week of every month, focuses on national, global and local affairs, with a particular emphasis on topics like social, economic, political, sports, environment, business, current affairs, innovation, wild life, and discovery. Through this exercise, our students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop their critical thinking and communication skills. Join us at The Palladian House and let your child explore their creativity and develop their innovative thinking.


The Palladian House school children create an e-paper every month, which serves as a reflection of the society. The newspaper is not only a medium of communication of news but also a powerful tool to convey ideas within the society. Through this platform, the school children express their thoughts and opinions effectively. The e-paper is created by the students themselves, including drafting, layout, headings, and sub-headings. This experiment has proved to be highly effective in developing an understanding of national and international issues while also engaging with local matters. Journalism is considered the fourth pillar of the country and it is crucial to develop an understanding of it in children from a young age. By creating and reading the e-paper, the school children comprehend the socio-economic changes and incidents happening around them.

Article Writing

Article writing is an art of expressing thoughts, and The Palladian House is committed to developing this skill among its students. Through essay writing and article composition, students are encouraged to share their insights on various topics, resulting in powerful and thought-provoking pieces. The school believes that article writing can inspire positive changes in society by raising awareness of important issues. To facilitate this, a platform is provided for students to share their articles and ideas with others.